Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Sides of the Same Coin

"If there is evil in this world, it lurks in the hearts of man." 

Death, destruction, sorrow, and resentment are the only things that linger within the people and the town. Derris-Kharlan, land of the divine, was under attack by a malicious demon. He was powerful and devious and sought out only the pain and suffering of others. What he desired most was to conquer not only the world but it's people. Despite the hatred between the villages, the ecclesiastic's were able to come together and pacify the demon. They sealed him into an unworldy object, a teddy bear. It was completely overlooked by most people as you would not expect something so evil to be in such a innocent thing. As the bear was being taken to another place where it would be guarded the Desians, who were the demon's followers, attacked and the bear suddenly vanished. The ecclesiatic knew that Reiga, who was the demon residing in the bear, was misplaced but did not inform the people as it would cause great disorder among the lands. They searched silently but found not even a single trace of it. The villages hatred for one another grew ever so stronger after the Demon's first attack. The 3 villages nearby blamed each other as each contrubutited to the overall consequence. Derris-Kharlan was on its way to recovery and soon things seemed to return to normal. 
Afterwards, a young girl named Mithos was born. As far as she knew, she had no parents. Ecclesiatic's found her as a child while searching for the bear. What made them take her back to the village was that she was carrying a teddy bear. They weren't sure if this bear was the one that the demon was in but her refusal to give up the bear made them slightly suspicious. Mithos doesn't recall what happened to her parents or how she came to be in the forest alone. All that she knows is that deep inside her parents are the ones who gave the teddy bear to her. She attended school and was different from all the other kids. Mithos was teased because she carried the bear around. Her instructors however saw the potential she had. Mithos was far superior than her classmates and this made them dislike her even more than before. 
On an eerie night Mithos went to the garden and something spoke to her. "Head my call" the voice said. Mithos listened as she didn't have anyone to call a friend till now. Mithos gazed upon the stars above her "you'll be here for me, right Reiga?" A slight breeze went by it caused the leaves to dance around them. "My loyalty is forever yours" Reiga replied. This made Mithos smile as she hugged the bear "I'm glad I have someone now." 
After this night Mithos has become even stronger both mentally and physically. The rapid improvement alarmed the ecclesiatics and they went to investigate the problem further. At this point they knew that the bear was the one they have been searching for. When they tried to seize the bear Mithos wouldn't let them have it. The ecclesiatics then attacked her but Mithos defended herself, or did she? Mithos' eyes began to look like there was no longer a soul within her. Reiga was controlling her and killed the ecclesiatics. When Mithos came to she realized what had happened and fled from the village. "I know what you were trying to do Reiga but please, don't kill people. There could have been other ways to protect me." She kept running till she reached a clearing in the forest. "There is no other way." Reiga answered. 
Mithos stared at the ground thinking about what he said. If there's no other way how can they remain together? "I know what you are Reiga. You were the one who destroyed the village." There was nothing but silence between the two. Reiga was a demon who killed thousands of people and Mithos who is pure and kindhearted. Nothing makes sense anymore so why continue to run. Mithos smiled and hugged the bear "let's go back, and finish what was started." A chilling laugh came from within the bear "indeed we shall." The unlikely pair would seek to conquer the land. Regia the Leige of the Underworld and Mithos the Hero, two different beings who seek the same goal. 
Mithos' memories never returned to her but she knew someone was there to guild her. Reiga manipulated his way to power but he was manipulated as well. His heart slowly began to change and he genuially started to protected her. Sometimes things do change.

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