Tuesday, June 10, 2014

End of High School Art Reflection

This is my last year at Haddon Township. I have had 3 fun years of art class. Of course my first year in art was hard but I enjoyed everything we did. Yes there were some assignments that I wasn't too fond of but it widened my experience. It also made me realize that art isn't just drawing and painting. By the second year I was slightly familiar with what we were doing. The third year I remembered almost everything and it made things a lot more easier for me. Because I was more focused on getting things done right and on time I couldn't really do the things that I wanted to do. Now in the third year I knew what I was doing and I was able to do a lot. When I first joined art class all I really knew was how to draw and that was the only thing I wanted to do. Now I also enjoy ceramics, metal work, constructing our books, and shading. These 3 years of art has really shown me how much more valuable art is. It has also made me have much more respect and appreciate it. I will miss having this class with my friends and I hope my younger sister Noelle will see all the things that I saw, if not more.  

Time Capsule

I found the time capsule very enjoyable to make. It's going to be hard not to open it as soon as possible. I love Greek Mythology and to incorporate it into my box, I made my box into Pandora's box. And when I open it all of the memories will begin to pour out and I will remember. At the bottom of the box will be hope, which is the letter I wrote to my future self. I put my friend's artwork in my box, pictures of new friends and old, my own drawings, drawing pencils from my first year of art, little drawings my Nicky Snicky drew for me, and a few other things. I put items in there from the list and a few other things to add character to it. I think my box says that I'm a happy person. I want all the negative things in my life to be overshadowed by the happier times in life. When I open this box I smile and I hope that when other people see it, they will smile too. Of course their curiosity will get to them and they will be pleased as to what they gaze upon.