Friday, January 20, 2012

Self-Portrait Tempera Batik, Identity Collage, and Decorative Metal Panel

Self-Portrait Tempera Batik
This year in class we had to make a self-portrait. First we had to select a picture that we wanted, then we had to crop it and draw it on a small sheet of paper. Once we got all the features of our faces correct we could make a unique color of paint to go with our portrait. I mixed blue and red together and got a dark purple color that looked almost maroon, but when you mix it with white you get a light purple. We then painted our portraits, we used the color contrast of dark and light to match our pictures. After that we inked it,then rinsed it. All the color that came off, we replaced some of it with color pencil. Once we did that and we felt good about working on the big one, we did the same thing we did on the little portrait. Its was a long process but well worth it.

Identity Collage
My collage had a couple of different layers and it almost told a different story every time, but you could tell it was the same. At first it was an angel that had words written behind her. I covered the whole thing with white tissue paper then drew another girl on it. Almost like the dark version of the angel, she has an unhappy look on her face. It almost looks like envy, but who knows what she's thinking? After the other drawing I added another layer of tissue paper. I used three pictures I printed out and glued them on my collage. With the pictures it told another story but yet agianappeared to look like stiching. I painted other the pictures, two of them become blue and the other red. The girl at the top, you could see her through the paint which added a mysterious feel to it. We then had to choose a lune to go with our collage, mine was:

Try to escape

Being watched don't get caught

Were tied together...

Decorative Metal Panel
Doing metal paneling is something I haven't done before. We first had to come up with a design for it. You could make it into a clip for the future lantern were going to make, or a closure for our books that will be finished at the end of the year, or we could make it into a block that would fir perfectly into a picture frame. I have made two designs. One is on copper, which is like this very curvy design and a big S in the middle of it all, The other is on nickle, its shaped as a bow and inside you can almost see a panda bear like face. This is all I got to so far, but I can't wait to get the metal and try create my shapes. And I'll try not to break many of the saw blades.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Star and At the Races- Paintings by Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas

The Artist I chose was Edgar Degas. I chose him because I like his art. His paintings of the ballerina's are my favorite of all his paintings. They are very real looking and it was almost like you can actually see the movement, or what she was going to do next.

Edgar was a great painter, even though he joked about himself by saying he was the least spontaneous artist alive. Degas was born on July 19th, 1834 in Paris, France. While he was alive he attended Lycee Louis-Le-Grand which was a prestigious and rigorous boys' secondary school. He also attended the University of Paris and Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, which was a school of fine arts. Edgar lived into the 20th century and died on September 27, 1917.

What I found intresting about Degas was that he disorts the human figure to make more intresting paintings. He liked to create unusual poses and cut off figures in different ways. It actually made his paintings look more real and intresting to look at.