Friday, June 1, 2012

My Plate Setting

My plate setting contains one cup, one plate, and two bowls. The cup is a tribute to my dad. On the outter top rim of the cup it has lyrics from a song that played at my parents wedding. The plate is a tribute to a character from a book called Montmorency. Its about Montmorency and in his previous years he was a thief who got into a tragic accident, leaving him in literally in pieces. There are "cracks" on the plate that show scaring which in the book are from him being stichted back together. There are words on the plate that represent many parts of him. The pink bowl is a tribute to my mom. It has a butterfly on it which means to me that whenever I feel bad, she's there to lift me up. The brown bowl was an extra that I made. It's a bear that I decided to make for my nephews, their one and one month old.
             My overall experience with working with clay was fun. At first it was very confusing because I couldn't remember the steps and I thought I might not finish. But once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed it, I even got to make an extra bowl that turned out very cute. I think this was the most fun thing to work with all year. I hope we get to do this agian, I want to make more! :)

My Slideshow

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