Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune Cookie Page

The fortune cookie inspired page is made from the 6 fortunes we received from the cookies. With these we have to create a piece of art for our books. I got this idea for using eyes because they can tell many stories just from one glance. It isn't quite finished but it looks pretty good the way it is right now. When I thought of our 6 good fortunes I thought of the 7 deadly sins. I'm trying to incorporate that into the fortunes. The good mixed in with the bad. At the end of this I'am hoping it will come out how I imagine it.

Art X 3

For our art x 3 we had to start a collage then give it to someone else and trade it away again. So you are now given a piece of work that two people have already worked on and you have to finish it and make it your own. My reaction to this was that I wasn't very fond of it and I didn't want to work on something that wasn't mine to start with, but it was exciting in a way. It was a challenge to finish off something that wasn't yours and try to follow what the others were going for and yet making sure that it's yours. A life lesson that I learned was that you might have to give away something that you thought was yours but its really someone else's.

Pop Print

Our next assignment was a pop print piece. We had to draw an object that means something to us and I chose a rose. After we drew it we had to darken and thick in the lines so that when we cut them, we will be able to see the lines. After that we placed our drawing on top I the stamp piece and pressed down on it so the lines show up on the stamp. We then cut around our drawing and it appeared on the stamp. Once this was all done we got to paint it my color that we wanted. The overall result turned out very nice. I chose a rose because I really like how they look and it reminds me of the movie Beauty and the Beast. Once I got the concept down I was able to make quite a few and it got easier, until you run out of colors you haven't used yet. In the end this was a fun experience and I would gladly do another if I could.