Monday, April 8, 2013

Love Conquers All

The top picture is a painting of Venus and Mars. On bottom left is a picture of a girl standing on water and everything is being reflected on the other side but in a different form, this means that there's two sides to every story.

Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, can make anyone fall in love or even make them beautiful themselves. She can do wonderful things, and yet she can make them twist and turn. Venus can break you apart and even make you terribly ugly.
Mars, God of War, is a ruthless and intimidating man who causes disorder and chaos among others.
These two eventually come together and fall in love with each other. In some ways they are different and in others, they are alike. Mars, a God himself, could not resist Venus' beauty and fell in love with her. This was a mutual attraction though. Venus fell in love with him. Even though by rule they could not love each other, for they were both already married, they couldn't help by having an affair. The Goddess of Love fell in love with the God of War. Who would have thought that two people who seem completely incompatible could fall in love? Mars knew her weaknesses and Venus knew his. Together they had created some very explosive wars. The worst of the wars was when the other Gods believed that they should not be together. Although both sides had suffered from major casualties, the two still remained together. Fighting could not separate them, instead it made them closer. Once all the disputes had been settled Venus and Mars were still together, even though the other Gods did not agree with it. The two put their heads together and held each others hands.
All is fair in love and war.