Friday, November 15, 2013


Just like Portia Munson, we decided that we would create our own collection. Our color was blue and there was many different shades of blue. The collection does tell what time we live in. We like our electronics, video games, jewelry, nail polish, and of course food. It also shows interest. I can't speak for everyone but for me it shows my interest. I enjoy playing video games and painting my nails. My favorite item on the table was the tiara. Sure it's not from our time period really but I like feeling like a princess. Our class collection said many things and told some stories. The fun part will be taking our items back home and see how long others will remain there before they are claimed by their owners. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clutter And Collecting

For this project we are looking at artist who collect things. Whether it be by color, what they like, or just wanting to have it. I feel that it's all collecting. But when this question pops up "is clutter like collecting?" I have a different opinion. I feel that clutter is just random stuff that you don't really care about. It's like that mess in your house or room that tends to  pile up, you want to get rid of it but it  happens to pile up even more. Collecting is having something that you really love and it means something to you, it's important. I don't feel that clutter is like collecting. Something that I like to collect are porcelain dolls. I love the dresses that they wear and the fact that they are dolls just makes me love them even more. No one is perfect, so why not own something that is? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Candy Bicycle

Between the months of October and November we have been working on two drawings. Both of which are alike but different at the same time. For me the candy jar sketch is more fun but the bicycle sketch was more interesting. I haven't really colored something I drew before, so it is a bit difficult to get all the colors right. Coloring is not as easy as you think. My bike drawing had a lot of things going on, it was important to try and get all the details. This drawing took me a while to complete but it turned out well. It actually looked like a bike. Both drawings had their own aura about them but also resembled each other as well. I can't wait to see what drawings we will do in the future. 

Candy Jar Drawing

For our next sketch we had to draw a jar of candy. This will be a tough thing to draw because the candy has to look like it is inside the jar and not floating on the outside of it. So far I have drawn the basic sketch of it and fixed the lines. Currently I'am coloring the candy on the outside of the jar. I'm really enjoying this sketch so far, who doesn't love draw candy? The only downside to this is that we can't eat the candy. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bicycle Drawing

This year our graphite drawing was not shoes or fruit, this year it was a bicycle. When I heard we were drawing a bike I was kinda excited for it because it's not something that I normally draw. First I got the basic shape of the bike and then went back to fix the lines. Eventually I began to shade. Shading was much harder to do this time because this year we didn't receive a blending stump, but nonetheless it still ended up look pretty well done. Comparing my first bike drawing to my second one, there is a big difference. Even though I didn't really like this drawing too much I still enjoyed having this experience. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome back!

It's a new year and also my last art class in my High School. I plan on doing even better than my last two years. The thing Im most looking forward too this year is the metal work and of course ceramics. My metal work last year was very good I was impressed with myself, even though I did not have much time to spare. My ceramics setting was better than my last but this year I plan on making a full set. This year I may not have a whole lot of time to work with my ceramics because of all the Senior things going on including the trip! This is my third year of taking art class and I couldn't be more happy. I enjoy art because it's something you yourself create, and it does not matter if it's bad to other people because art is in the eyes of the beholder right? As long as you are proud of your work other people will be too! It makes you feel good when you see your art in it's finished state and hanging in the art show! Im glad that I can spend my final year here in High School participating in this fantastic art class.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Reflections 2013

The end of the school year approaches yet again and many of us scramble to finish our work. And this year I feel like I did accomplish what I planned on in the beginning of the year. This year I wanted my work to be better than it was last year, and I think it is. My favorite project this year was again the ceramic units. I only made 4 pieces but if I do get art again I'm hoping to make a full tea set. Next year will be my last year in school and I hope to make my work even better than this year! I will always try to make my standards even higher so that I can accomplish more.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Love Conquers All

The top picture is a painting of Venus and Mars. On bottom left is a picture of a girl standing on water and everything is being reflected on the other side but in a different form, this means that there's two sides to every story.

Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, can make anyone fall in love or even make them beautiful themselves. She can do wonderful things, and yet she can make them twist and turn. Venus can break you apart and even make you terribly ugly.
Mars, God of War, is a ruthless and intimidating man who causes disorder and chaos among others.
These two eventually come together and fall in love with each other. In some ways they are different and in others, they are alike. Mars, a God himself, could not resist Venus' beauty and fell in love with her. This was a mutual attraction though. Venus fell in love with him. Even though by rule they could not love each other, for they were both already married, they couldn't help by having an affair. The Goddess of Love fell in love with the God of War. Who would have thought that two people who seem completely incompatible could fall in love? Mars knew her weaknesses and Venus knew his. Together they had created some very explosive wars. The worst of the wars was when the other Gods believed that they should not be together. Although both sides had suffered from major casualties, the two still remained together. Fighting could not separate them, instead it made them closer. Once all the disputes had been settled Venus and Mars were still together, even though the other Gods did not agree with it. The two put their heads together and held each others hands.
All is fair in love and war.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Blind Contour Self-Portrait Drawing

This year we are doing a blind contour drawing of our face. I'm still working on mine but this is what I have so far. I'm going to continue to do more of these until I create one that I like better then this one, then I'll go into it more. Blind contour is always hard, but at least you can tell that mine is kind of looking like my face.

Empty Bowls Dinner

Every few years we do an empty bowls dinner for the hungry. Every class made bowls and platters and they all turned out very nice. It makes me really happy to be apart of this cause, and to help every hungry person in America. It's important because it's a great feeling to know you have helped someone in need. So many people in America are starving, and it's nice to know that our school is helping out those people.

Winter Themed Lantern

In class we had to create a lantern and pick our favorite season for the theme of it. I chose winter because winter is a magical season, and I had a good idea for it. I decided to put a pretty lady on the side because it was different from what other people were doing. I also added her hand to make it seem like she was blowing snowflakes off of her hand. After we made the design we had to use a paper cutting knife to cut out the shapes for our lanterns. Then you have to add another piece of paper on it. Then your done! (It felt way longer then it actually sounds) all you have to do is light a candle in the center of it and it will light up and cast its shadows. I felt mine turned out very nice.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Venus and Mars

I really like this painting because of the meaning for it, it means love conquers all. Even Mars, God of War stopped fighting for sometime because he fell in love with Venus.

The Birth of Venus

This painting is also another one of my favorites. I like this one because I think it's creative the way she is created. She was born from the ocean and Botticelli painted her standing on a sea shell.


This is one of my favorite paintings by Botticelli. I like this painting because it has to do with Greek mythology and overall it's is very magical. It has Venus in the middle preparing for the beginning of spring. The three Graces on the left, and on the far left is Hermes, God of messengers. Hermes is protecting the grove from intruders. On the right is Flora tossing flower petals on the ground, and next to Flora is Chloris, who later transforms into Flora. On the far right is Zephyrus, God of the Wind. He his in love with Chloris. And above Venus is her son Cupid, shooting his arrows.

Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli, was born on March 1st, 1445 in Florence. He was an Italian painter in the early Renaissance. At the age of 15 he decided to open up his own shop to sell his paintings and take requests for paintings. He mostly did paintings of characters from Greek mythology. Botticelli was most famous for his painting Primavera. Which was a painting of Venus, Goddess of Love in a orange grove. It represented the beginning of spring. During the time of the Renaissance was when his paintings were most popular, but later his paintings were less desirable. After he died, many years later his paintings were yet again more popular.

I really enjoy Botticelli's work because I had always liked Greek mythology and the stories behind them. The myths had many messages in them. So when I saw that Botticelli did paintings of the Greek Gods, I knew I wanted to my project about him.

The three paintings that appealed to me the most were Primavera, Venus and Mars, as well as The Birth of Venus.