Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome back!

It's a new year and also my last art class in my High School. I plan on doing even better than my last two years. The thing Im most looking forward too this year is the metal work and of course ceramics. My metal work last year was very good I was impressed with myself, even though I did not have much time to spare. My ceramics setting was better than my last but this year I plan on making a full set. This year I may not have a whole lot of time to work with my ceramics because of all the Senior things going on including the trip! This is my third year of taking art class and I couldn't be more happy. I enjoy art because it's something you yourself create, and it does not matter if it's bad to other people because art is in the eyes of the beholder right? As long as you are proud of your work other people will be too! It makes you feel good when you see your art in it's finished state and hanging in the art show! Im glad that I can spend my final year here in High School participating in this fantastic art class.