Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Marking Period

When I came back to art class this year I felt like this is going to be a whole new experience, and it was. First we made some pages for our future book that is bigger than it was last year! I knew when I made pages that they would be different compared to what I did last year. Then we did our shoe drawings which I think I did better than I expected. With our collages mine turned out pretty good, it was defiantly better then what I did last year. Overall I did very well, I have gotten better over the year and since I first came in this year. You can only get better!

Next President Collage

This year we had to make a collage about the next president. Either Romney, Obama, or even just select a topic like environment, war, healthcare, ect. I chose gay rights for my topic. I believe that they should have rights, everyone was created equal weren't they? Underneath everything is scenery. At the top is the calm before the storm, the second one is when is everyone is arguing about whether or not they should have rights, and the last one represents that in the end they do get rights. That yellow line going all the way down the page means that there's always that ray of hope. The tissue paper on top creates mystery in the piece. You can faintly see what the future holds.

Shoe Drawing

This year we are drawing shoes! We brought in our shoes and put them in a pile on top of one another. We used our view finders to see a section of the shoes we found the most interesting. We then began to draw them on a fairly large piece of paper. Once that was done we had to shade them in or color them in with colored pencils if we so choose. I was afraid to shade mine in because this was my first time actually shading. But it turned out better than I had imagined! This was defiantly a good experience for me. Now all I do is shade things in.